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The Roberneian Bridge and Operation Neptune


The Roberneian Bridge and Operation Neptune

by Cheryl Rourke

  written for Rob, Bernie and Ian.

An axis of evil or one for good?

A Holy Trinity to be worshipped,

Or three unwise men on a mission?

Of these questions all are tight lipped!


This mysterious bridge has strange powers.

Beckoning all; an opening 6 June.

A date with a noble war history,

D Day and a delivery from doom.


Ian, we know, would select such a date,

Rob, no doubt, will have the research

On Operation Neptune and its success.

Bernie will toast, wink and besmirch.


All who have been summoned will be drawn

To this new Wellington Mill landmark.

The Roberneian Bridge, three times strong,

Built here and luckily NOT in Denmark.


So, in keeping with the valley's magic,

Neptune’s trident has struck this ground.

Three men laboured shoulder to shoulder

And made a highway, both safe and sound.