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An Aussie Toast To Simon Allington

An Aussie Toast to Simon Allington

by Cheryl Rourke ( 4 December 2010 )

Now, who’d have thunk it; that Simon’s a Pom?
Merely another bloody to and from!
Our own favourite Aussie bloke and farmer
Escaped from the realm of Knights in armour.

  Well stone the bloody crows I cry;
  He's as Aussie as a meat pie.
Fair suck of the old sauce bottle;
Dust me yellow with the wattle.
Friends, we gather today to celebrate
The naturalisation of our good mate.
Now true blue and kissed by the Aussie sun,
Dogged by flies; we salute you in good fun.

Australian wave; forever true;
A nation’s toast, with amber brew,
Strewth Simon, you’re a top bloke,
To now cast off the pommy yoke!

No more chances for you to whinge or whine.
She’ll be right mate,” now your mantra benign.
When at the cricket you must loudly shout,
For Australia to win and break the drought.

Aussie skin is bronzed and freckled;
Pommy skin is white and heckled.
All your life you have lived the part;
Sun marked man with a true blue heart.

Throw lamb chops and snags on the barbeque;
At the Fireshed we all will rendezvous.
So here’s to you, you bloody old bastard,
Let us all drink more piss and get plastered!