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Aussie Simon II


Aussie Simon II

  by Deb Archdeacon



From the sandplain country he came

And headed far south, the valley folks to tame

With his loving wife steadfast by his side

A devoted husband to his bride


Two strapping lads and a gorgeous daughter

Not to mention horses, dogs and sheep for slaughter

He left the farming life behind

And sought a gentler life, more kind


With a head of hair

That’s well … almost there

And a big cheeky grin

Sorta not unlike Errol Flynn


He’s a master of the lingo

And more bloody ocker than Ernie Dingo!

He’ll greet you with “g’day mate”

And “not bad for a sheila” he’s been known to state


Who would have guessed

That this bloke from the west

Surrounded by paddocks of Welly clover

Was a blow in from those white cliffs of Dover


But now we are blessed

That Simon’s passed the test

A Dinky Di True Blue

With a certificate stating it’s true


So we’ve gathered here together to say

Well done Simon now you don’t HAVE to stay

Your passport has been assured

Abroad you safely can be lured


And return happily to our valley

Where for you may dally

And share with us your life

And of course the trouble and strife!