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Community Park


Wellington Mills Community Park



The Wellington Mills Community Association is planning and developing a community park on the site of what was once a bustling timber town and saw mill named ‘Wellington Mills’ established in 1896.

The park is situated on a 2 hectare cleared area in the heart of Wellington Mills that was until recently part of an extensive pine plantation. Initial works for the park were established in 2009.

The Department of Environment and Conservation in partnership with the local community have contributed to the development of a plan that caters for both local residents and visitors. The project aims to create a setting that commemorates the rich heritage values of the site through interpretive signage on iconic landmarks accompanied by restoration of the land back to its native vegetative state and walk trails.

The reasonably fertile and undulating site, which is partly bounded by the Ferguson River and by Wellington Mill Road and by several other tracks, is situated amidst several nearby properties. These include the former Wellington Mills post office and mill managers house each now a private residence. There are still remnants of the old blacksmith’s shop and the original primary school site.

The Ferguson River, which could be more aptly described as a creek, still supports some scattered remnant vegetation. However the narrow stream zone has been significantly impacted by the former town site clearing and the subsequent establishment of the plantation and the incursion of weed species.

Significant community volunteer hours have contributed to clearing, tree planting, mulching and weed control including school groups volunteering their community service hours.

A staged program of works will eventually link the community park with the popular tourist destination Gnomesville via the original and picturesque mill railway line flanked either side by native Peppermint trees. Barbeques, shelters, seating and walk trails will also define the unique qualities of the community park into the future.


    Community Park Site Analysis Plan (Draft Only) - PDF

Community Park Concept Plan (Draft Only) - PDF