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The History of the Fire Shed Sundowners



The residents of Wellington Mills meet at the Fire Shed on the last Friday of the month for a sausage sizzle and chat between neighbours. This tradition was started by the Ferris Family. Lisa and Tony Ferris; their three daughters Erinka (Wink), Zoe and Georgina, and Lisa’a lovely mother, Joan Lanszky, settled at the historic homestead of Wellington Mill Farm in the early nineties. Lisa invited all residents to meet at the fire shed, where her family hosted the sausage sizzle. Lisa and family tirelessly cooked many, many barbecues in their time here in Wellington Mills and performed the cleanup month in and month out. This generosity of spirit endeared the residents of Wellington Farm to all here in our valley. Lisa and Tony have now moved to Balingup and Joan to Bunbury.

Their tradition has been continued and we all hope to see them unexpectedly turn up one of these Friday evenings. They are all fondly remembered and missed by the community of Wellington Mills.